Meet Emerging Artist Samuel Hegardt

Show Title: “Life in Color”

Age: 17

Samuel Hegardt Agent Ink GalleryArt has always been apart of my life. Growing up, I enjoyed finger painting and drawing fanciful characters from the shows I watched. At the age of 13 I realized that I desired to pursue a career involving Art. For the early majority of my life what I created was simply innocent. Contrasted by my work in the present I have grown a greater appreciation for what Art has allowed me to do. I evolved out of the realm of fantasy personas and took hold of social injustices to use as content. With my particular style that involves bright colors, outlined with black, and accentuated with white highlights, I have aimed to shed light on the velocity that hate contains in our world. When I was only a sophomore in high school I was called a Faggot on my way to school. Only a month ago my boyfriend and I were called Faggots by people passing by. Experiencing such degrading words can leave people feeling deflated, and crushed. I choose to let this fuel my artwork. Growing up gay resulted in many moments of sadness, frustration, anger, and an ultimate feeling of solitude. Art allowed me to have a voice when I thought my only choice was to remain silent. After coming out I was able to share my story openly through my artwork. Today I hope to share my community’s  story. For people who aren’t out. For people who would be killed for sharing their true identity. For those who are beaten, and shoved into conversion therapy to “cure” their “illness”. For anyone who has felt the lasting sting of hate. My art goes out to you.


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