Meet Emerging Artist Ari Romero

Ari Romero Emerging Artist

Creating art has been an essential outlet throughout my childhood and teenage years. The process of visualizing something and materializing it by my own means has become addicting and habitual. I enjoy the way that the end goal can be created through a variety of possibilities that emerge out of the process.

My exploration focuses on perception of self and self image, painting self portraits and reflective portraits with undertones of dreamlike surrealism. I want to evoke the feeling of a barely lucid sense of self in the context of how the world is supposed to see me. I aim to showcase the universal feeling of being lost and without an identity at times.

I am a 16 year old artist, studying in the visual fine arts specialty in the ArtQuest program. I plan to continue studying art throughout college and the rest of my life.


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1 Percent Pig- Screen Print - William Smith

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Spies by Mark Dean Veca - Screen Print - Black Plate Variant

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Reuben Rude Blotter Art


Danse Macabre - Tony Guaraldi Brown and Steven Russell Black