Meet Emerging Artist Malaina Vaden

Emerging Santa Rosa Artist Malaina Vaden
Malaina Vaden was born in San Diego, California, in 2005. From the moment she could hold anything in her hands, she has used them to grasp pencils, pens, crayons, or paint, and has been writing and creating pictures, to share her ideas, feelings, and emotions. She has investigated every medium readily available to kids, but has recently focused her experimentation primarily on colored pencils. When she isn’t playing with her brother and sisters, or involved in extracurricular activities, she spends most of her free time sketching or drawing the things that interest her, which covers pretty much every topic and subject. She finds her inspirations in nature and the world around her, as well as looking up work by other artists, online and in person. She is naturally curious and is entirely self-taught. She attends middle school in Sonoma County, where she excels in all of her classes, but most enjoys Drama and the Arts.


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